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Multi-purpose Building Project

This single building will have more impact on the ministry of South Mountain Christian Camp than any project in the past 25 years. It will provide increased meeting, dining, and kitchen space while improving aesthetics of the camp, enabling us to reach more campers with Gospel every year. Scroll down for more information.

1. Outdoor Cooking Area

2. Outdoor Dining Deck

3. Storage

4. Removable Platform

5. Camp Store

6. Fireplace

7. Assembly Space

8. Dining Space

9. Conference Room

10. Restrooms

11. Freezer/Cooler

12. Office

13. Food Service Area

14. Dry Storage

15. Food Preparation Area

16. Laundry

You can be a part of this project forever.

This much-needed addition to South Mountain Christian Camp will have a 299 seating capacity, enabling us to bring more children to camp every week, but we need your help.

We need 299 supporters to sponsor a seat in this building at $3,300 each.

Each of these donors will be commemorated with a leaf on the giving tree which will be on permanent display in the building. These can also be done in honor or memory of a loved one, or as a business sponsor.

South Mountain Christian Camp is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

Why is this building needed?

More assembly space.


Every week of our summer camp program, 24 available beds remain empty because, if we were to fill those beds with campers, we would not have the space needed to assemble them together for chapel. As it is, many of our campers have to sit on the floor because we cannot fit enough chairs into our chapel room.

This multi-purpose building will give us assembly space for 152 people, enabling us to reach 144 more children every summer! 


More dining space.


Just adding more assembly space is not enough because our dining room is maxed out too. Every table is overloaded, and the tables are so close together, it is difficult for campers to move to their seats while carrying a plate of food. As a result, multiple spills occur at every meal.

This new building will enable us to feed 128 campers, allowing us to bring 24 more kids to camp every week!

Better kitchen facilities.


Our original plan was to begin feeding kids in shifts. Unfortunately, our kitchen  facilities are not adequate to handle the increase. 

Our current kitchen produces 400 meals per day in a space the size of a small bedroom.

The multi-purpose building will provide a long-term solution with a kitchen large enough to provide nearly 900 meals per day, plus additional meals that can be catered to other locations on camp!

Staff meetings.


Every morning during summer camp, we have a meeting with our cabin directors to give instructions, encourage them, and pray together. Currently, the only space we have for this meeting is on the back porch of the cafeteria.

We manage to squeeze in, but this multi-purpose building will give us the space we need to meet with our staff in a more functional manner.


More adequate restrooms.


Imagine 125 people trying to wash up before a meal in with just four hand sinks. Imagine having a chapel service for seven and eight year-old campers with no restrooms in the building.

These are everyday occurences with our current accomodations, but this new building will solve these problems and more by providing the restroom facilities we so desperately need. 

Year-round use.


One of the biggest sources of revenue that keeps South Mountain Christian Camp in operation is rental fees from guest groups. With 180 beds, we are able to provide lodging for large group retreats, but we do not have assembly space or dining space for groups this size. The multi-purpose building will enable us to accomodate much larger groups, generating tens of thousands of dollars in rental fees to help keep this ministry operating to the glory of God.

Giving Options

If you would like to sponsor a seat in this building, impacting the lives of thousands of campers for generations to come, there are several options to consider:


Give All At Once.

You can make your donation of $3,300 safely and securely right now with a credit or debit card by clicking on the Donate Now button,

Or you can mail a check to the address shown. Just be sure to write "Multi-Purpose Building" on the memo line, or attach a note.


Give A Little At A Time.

If you prefer to send your contribution of $3,300 over an extended period, you can give weekly, monthly, or however it fits your budget. And you can do so through the Donate Now button, or by check.


Give A Different Amount.

If you'd like to contribute, but $3,300 isn't exactly what you had in mind, donations of any amount are deeply appreciated. Every donation of $3,300 or more will be acknowledged on the giving tree.



Mail your check to

South Mountain Christian Camp

PO Box 9

Bostic NC 28018

Be sure to write "Multi-Purpose Building" on your check.

South Mountain Christian Camp is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.


Contact us through this email form, or give us a call at 828-245-3322.

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