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South Mountain Christian Camp has a wide range of facilities to fit the needs of your group. Take a look at the itemized descriptions below to get an idea of what we have to offer, and check out our Frequently Asked Questions. You can view and print a map of the camp facilities herePrices are listed at the bottom of the page.

If you'd like to make a reservation, contact me through this form, or call 828-245-3322. The reservations desk is usually open Monday through Friday, 9:00-12:00. 

Jen Collins

Guest Service Director


The Lodges are duplex-style buildings that sleep up to 28 people each. There are three lodges on camp. Each lodge features in-house bath facilities, heating and air-conditioning, and twin-size mattresses.


There are two cabin sites with five cabins at each site. The cabins each sleep nine people for a total capacity of 45 people per site. All cabins are heated and air-conditioned. Each cabin site has a two-sided bathhouse as well as a picnic shelter.

Glory Land Cabin

The Glory Land Cabin is a single family log cabin rented to guest speakers, ministers, and others looking for a quiet place to seek God. It features a kitchen, living room with fireplace, dining table, full bath and sleeping loft. This building is heated and air-conditioned and is our only lodging that includes linens.

Tent Camping

We have a number of areas suitable for tent camping. Each area has a nearby picnic shelter and bathhouse. We do not provide tents.

Meeting Rooms

The Chapel Room is the largest meeting room, holding 80-90 people. The Upper Room and Greenway Building hold 30-40 each. All are heated and air conditioned. AV equipment is available.

Outdoor Meetings

If you need outdoor meeting space, we have a variety of picnic shelters, the Prayer Garden campfire area for up to 60 people, and the Pursue Point campfire area for up to 200 people located near the popular Observation Deck with the best view on camp.


The full-service cafeteria provides wonderful meals at a minimal cost. Our staff will prepare the meals for you, so that you can focus on your retreat. We do NOT have a kitchen that can be rented by groups who wish to prepare their own meals. However, cookouts, catered meals, etc. are permitted.

Challenge Course

Challenge course activities include the Low Ropes Course for teambuilding and the Upward Tower for character-building. Indoor options include the climbing wall, giant swing, and group initiatives. Click HERE for more details.

Joy Center

Joy Center contains a full-size gym (with four baskeball goals and volleyball net) and a game room with ping pong, foosball, pool table, corn hole, and Gockey table. Sports equipment is provided.


Our pool facility includes a junior-olympic sized pool, a wading pool, large picnic shelter, table games, and sand volleyball court. The adjacent Lake Galilee is used for fishing and boating activities. A smaller fishing pond is also available. All swimming and boating activities are supervised by our lifeguard staff.


This is our specialty. Our 250 acres of land includes two ballfields, an 18-hole disc golf course, numerous hiking trails, a ga-ga ball court, golf driving range, horseshoes, and 9-Square in the Air.


Jen Collins

Guest Service Director


Does participation cost anything?

No, participation for all teams is free. No fees, no equity.

Can I apply if I am not from the 5 universities?

Yes, you can apply. However, this time you can only participate in workshops. In the future we might include more partnering universities, dependent on the applicants' interest.

Can I apply if I am an alumni from one of the 5 universities?

If you're an alumni of one of the universities with a science-based idea or product, you're welcomed to apply and can join the workshops. In the future, we may also include alumni teams in the mentoring sessions.

Can I participate in the workshop even if I didn't get selected into TOP 12?

Yes. All teams who applied but didn't get selected can take part in the workshops throughout the day.

Can we apply if one or several members of our team are not from a university?

Team leads should be from one of the partnering universities, other teams members can be external.

Can I apply if I have a service not a product?


How is my IP protected?

The content discussed in the mentoring sessions is highly confidential. In addition, you don't have to disclose any technical or secret information related to your product to benefit from the mentoring sessions. The focus is rather on market potential and which segments to focus on to accelerate product development.

This is a list of our retreat/rental prices.

Please note that this is not a complete list of all the facilities we have available. If you have special needs which are not addressed in this listing, please contact us about individualized programming.

Please note that these prices DO NOT apply to our Summer Camp program. For information on Summer Camp prices, visit our Summer Camp page.


Cabins: $18.00 per person per night. Cabins have a $90 minimum fee.

Lodges: $19.00 per person per night. Lodges have a $266 minimum fee.

Glory Land Cabin: Single Occupancy $60.00 per night; $10.00 for each additional person.

   NOTE: Special discounted rates are available for clergy members.

Tent Camping: $10.00 per person per night. $100 minimum fee.



Cafeteria Meals: $7.00 per person, per meal. Cafeteria meals have $140 minimum fee.



Low Ropes Course: $150 per hour.

   NOTE: Group size should be 10-20 participants. Choose one, two, or three hours.

The Upward Tower: $150 per hour.

   NOTE: Recommended time for 1-20 people=2 hours / 21-30 people=3 hours / 31-40 people=4 hours.

Rock Climbing Wall: $150 per hour.

   NOTE: Recommended time for 1-20 people=1 hour / 21-40 people=2 hours.

Giant Swing: $150 per hour.

   NOTE: Recommended time for 10-20 people=1 hour / 21-40 people=2 hours.

Joy Center: $100 minimum, depending on group size, subject to availability.

   NOTE: No fee for lodging groups of more than 20 (excluding tent camping).

Swimming Pool/Boating: $100 minimum, depending on duration, plus lifeguard fee.

   NOTE: Seasonal. Subject to availability.

Lifeguard fee: $11 per hour per lifeguard. Lifeguards have a 3-hour minimum fee.

   NOTE: Group size determines number of lifeguards required.

Picnic Area: $100 minimum, depending on group size.

   NOTE: No picnic area fee for lodging groups of more than 20.

Fishing: $2.00 per person per day ($1.00 under age 12)

   NOTE: There is no fishing fee for registered groups.

Disc Golf: $2.00 per person per day ($1.00 under age 12)

   NOTE: There is no disc golf fee for registered groups.

Hiking: $2.00 per person per day ($1.00 under age 12)

   NOTE: There is no hiking fee for registered groups.


Meeting Space

Meeting Room: $100 minimum, depending on group size and duration.

   NOTE: One meeting room is complimentary for overnight groups of more than 20 (excluding tent camping).

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