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Steve's Story

Executive Director Steve Collins reflects on life at Camp and how the ministry makes an impact through Summer Camp, Weekend Retreats, Outdoor Environmental Education, and Challenge Course programs.

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What a Mess!

We wrapped up last month with one of the most chaotic weeks of the year, and that’s saying a lot in 2020. Our annual 5k trail race was scheduled for October 31st. For months, we’d been planning how we could conduct this fundraising event safely in the midst of a global pandemic. We made a series of changes to avoid large gatherings, promote social distancing, and still provide a fun, enjoyable atmosphere. We had a great plan in place.

Then, two days before the event, Hurricane Zeta blasted through, knocking down trees, making a mess of our trails, and causing a five-day power outage on camp. Three massive trees fell, each one narrowly missing a building. Other trees and large branches had fallen across our trails. Our staff members got right to work, doing everything we could to clean up the mess and connect generators to the most critical needs. Many of our plans had to be adjusted or completely changed. At one point, I began laughing out loud. So much was going wrong, it had actually become amusing. I knew that only God could get us through this mess.

The night before the race, I reflected back to 2014. Horrible weather had threatened to ruin our event that year too. I’d barely been able to sleep that night, but in the end, we had a great event anyway. (You can read that story in my new book, Footsteps of Faith.) This year, as I lay my head on my pillow, I had peace. I knew God would carry us through the storm once again, and I slept like a baby.

Race day was fantastic. We had a team of volunteers helping with every detail and 112 participants enjoying the brisk autumn morning out on our trails. Several of our regular runners even commented to me that the trails looked better this year than ever before! In the end, the event raised thousands of dollars for South Mountain Christian Camp so that children in need will be able to attend camp next summer. It’s another visual display of what happens when we give our best to God and trust Him with the results.

That's what this year has been all about. Time after time, we've seen the Lord meet our needs, working powerfully through the generosity of our donors. If you would like to partner with us through your giving, you can do so with the donate button below, or mail a check to South Mountain Christian Camp, PO Box 9, Bostic NC 28018.


A Free Gift for You

I would love to send you a free, autographed copy of my book, Footsteps of Faith. This ministry autobiography shares some incredible stories of God's hand at work in my life, at South Mountain Christian Camp, and in the lives of our campers. To receive your free copy, place your order through the link below. No purchase or donation is required.

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