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Steve's Story

Executive Director Steve Collins reflects on life at Camp and how the ministry makes an impact through Summer Camp, Weekend Retreats, Outdoor Environmental Education, and Challenge Course programs.

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Healing the Heartache

Earlier this year, a doe showed up on camp with two fawns. Sadly, the mother deer was hit and killed by a passing vehicle on the road that borders the camp property. Our staff members have all been on the lookout for the twin fawns, hoping that they would survive without their mother. We’ve spotted them occasionally this summer, but not often.

On a parallel note, a mother attempted to sign her two children up for camp last Spring. We had space available for her son, but she had to put her daughter on the waiting list and hope that a spot opened for her. Tragically, this mother died a short time later.

Their grandmother was granted temporary custody and checked regularly to see if space had become available for her granddaughter to attend camp. Just a few days before we started our last week of camp for the summer, a spot opened up for her! As I write this, both children are here at camp, experiencing the love of God through our staff as the Lord brings comfort and healing to their broken hearts.

Incredibly, the two fawns have shown up again too. Every day this week, they have joyfully pranced into the meadow outside my office window to enjoy the lush green grass growing there. As I watch them graze, I can’t help seeing the parallel. I know that, just as the Lord provides for these fawns, he will also care for every need of these two children. In the meantime, they will feast on the nourishment that summer camp provides to their hurting souls.

These two children are only able to be here because of the generosity of our supporters. Both of these kids came to camp on scholarship. Without the support of our donors, they would not have this opportunity to get away from the pain of their heartache and enjoy just being a camper for a little while.

If you would like to partner with us through your giving, you can make a donation using the Donate button below or mail your contribution to PO Box 9, Bostic NC 28018.


A Free Gift For You

I would love to send you a free, autographed copy of my book, Footsteps of Faith. This ministry autobiography shares some incredible stories of God's hand at work in my life, at South Mountain Christian Camp, and in the lives of our campers. To receive your free copy, place your order through the link below. No purchase is required. Donations are deeply appreciated.

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