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Executive Director Steve Collins reflects on life at Camp and how the ministry makes an impact through Summer Camp, Weekend Retreats, Outdoor Environmental Education, and Challenge Course programs.

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Christmas 2019

“But as for me, I will watch expectantly for the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation…”

Micah 7:7 NASB

Christmas is more than just a day; it’s a season. The celebration of Christ begins early and lasts long. The decorations, music, plays, and special events all build anticipation, and anticipation can be a wonderful thing. The magi (wise men) in the Christmas story understood anticipation. These men were likely members of the priesthood of the Medes who had been led by Daniel centuries earlier (yes, the “lions den” Daniel). He had taught them about the coming Messiah and the signs that would lead to His arrival. The magi watched carefully, passing on what they learned to each generation. When the star finally appeared, they knew that the time had come. Everything was changing, and they were ready.

Trevor understood anticipation too. He came to camp two summers ago and was counting down the days until he could come back this year. His life had been very difficult and filled with pain. He couldn’t wait to get back to camp, away from his problems, to recapture the joy he experienced the year before. What Trevor didn’t anticipate, however, was that his life was about to change. He met a cabin leader who displayed real love and compassion and who had a childhood very similar to his own. Trevor realized that God had a plan for his life. That week, he put his faith in Jesus Christ for salvation and was baptized.

This year at South Mountain Christian Camp, we experienced many things that we anticipated and some that we did not. As expected, our summer camp was filled to capacity, and, once again, most of those campers needed financial assistance to come. Seventy-four campers made a profession of faith and were baptized here. What we did not expect was that our cafeteria warming oven would die in the middle of the summer. But God miraculously provided the funds we needed to replace it in just ten hours! We also did not expect to be without a facilities manager in the months leading up to summer camp. But we have learned to anticipate that God always meets the need, and He sent Mark and Jill Oettinger to join our team in June. As usual, the Lord has worked in incredible ways this year, and we continue to operate debt-free, trusting Him to provide as each need arises.

Now we are looking forward to 2020 with great anticipation. We are already planning our next summer camp program, working on new facilities, and preparing for another great year of ministry. We are so very blessed to have partners like you who pray for us, lend a hand, and support the work that the Lord is doing here. We don’t know everything that this next year may have in store for us, but we are confident that God will be with us every step of the way. Every test will be followed by a testimony of how the Lord brought us through it. The same is true for you. We pray that your 2020 is blessed in every regard as you anticipate what the Lord will do next.

If you would like to contribute to the ministry of South Mountain Christian Camp, you can easily do so through the donate button below.

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