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Steve's Story

Executive Director Steve Collins reflects on life at Camp and how the ministry makes an impact through Summer Camp, Weekend Retreats, Outdoor Environmental Education, and Challenge Course programs.

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Bring Your Own Sunshine

Last month, blessings gave birth to more blessings, and it came in unexpected ways. Some dear friends of ours, Gary and Vesta Edmonds, donated a minivan to the camp. The only issue was that the Edmonds were in Texas, and the van was in Michigan. The Edmonds increased the blessing by purchasing an airline ticket for me so that I could fly to Michigan and drive the van back to North Carolina.

The morning my flight left, it was overcast and dreary. As the jet climbed into the sky, I watched through the window, anticipating the appearance of the sun. Finally, we broke through the clouds, and sunlight poured in. Looking down, all I could see was a thick blanket of clouds below.

This continued all the way to Michigan. As we descended into Grand Rapids, the jet once again entered gloomy weather. I was disappointed because I was hoping to have some sunshine for the 800-mile drive home. Almost as soon as I had this thought, the Lord impressed upon my spirit, “You’ll just have to make your own sunshine.”

I wasn’t sure what this meant until I met Doug and Dawn Rice. We had arranged for these relatives of the Edmonds to pick me up at the airport and bring me to their home where the van was waiting. Their hospitality amazed me. They offered lunch, helped me plan my route, and stocked me up with snacks, water bottles, and gas money for the drive home. As I pulled out of their driveway to begin my journey, I didn’t even notice the clouds anymore because the Rices had poured the light of God into my soul.

Inspired, I made it my mission to share the light and love of God with each individual I encountered on my way home. My goal was to make every person smile. Every gas station attendant, convenience store clerk, and restaurant worker was another opportunity to shine light. It worked too, for the most part. There was only one man that I was unable to bring to a smile, but I pray that God continued ministering to him through others.

This is really what we do all summer at South Mountain Christian Camp. We shine light into hurting souls. We usually have plenty of sunshine in the sky, but that light can’t heal a wounded heart. Our staff pour the love of God into every child that comes our way, and He brings the healing. Even on the rainy days, we can bring our own sunshine!

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