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Steve's Story

Executive Director Steve Collins reflects on life at Camp and how the ministry makes an impact through Summer Camp, Weekend Retreats, Outdoor Environmental Education, and Challenge Course programs.

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Life Changing

Summer camp can change the entire course of person’s life. One encounter can make the difference. Let me show you what I mean by sharing with you the story of my friend Isaiah Gibson.

As a young child, Isaiah’s family was torn apart. His parents divorced, and his father moved to West Virginia. Isaiah never saw him again.

Shortly after this, Isaiah had the opportunity to attend South Mountain Christian Camp. He couldn’t afford the camp fees, but he was able to attend through our scholarship program. Isaiah loved camp and came back every year. At the age of eleven, Isaiah gave his life to Christ while attending summer camp here. I’ll let him tell you what happened next:

I continued to attend camp every summer. As I got into my teenage years, I found myself not as interested in having a relationship with Christ as years before. Then in the summer of 1997, on the last night of camp, we were doing a campfire with all the other boys’ cabins. I had really connected with my cabin director, Gabe, and he begin to share about what it meant to be totally sold out for Christ. It was during this time that the Holy Spirit really began to deal with my heart, and I found myself huddled beside a tree completely broken. I committed my life to serve Christ from that moment forward.

And serve is exactly what he did. Isaiah worked with us as a JC and later as a Cabin Director. In 2008, he helped launch a new church called Element Church, and now he is on the pastoral staff there.

He and his wife Kim have been married for twelve years, and they have four beautiful daughters. And his oldest two daughters now attend summer camp here at South Mountain.

See what I mean? Isaiah’s life changed forever at summer camp, and that encounter only happened because someone he didn't even know provided a scholarship for him. Now that's a great investment!

If you're interested in providing a scholarship for a camper, you can easily make your donation online or visit for more info.

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