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Steve's Story

Executive Director Steve Collins reflects on life at Camp and how the ministry makes an impact through Summer Camp, Weekend Retreats, Outdoor Environmental Education, and Challenge Course programs.

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Changing Reality

Sometimes my vision exceeds my reality. For example, there is a beautiful section of Camp property with a thick pine forest that was practically begging me to establish a hiking trail through it. The location was perfect to make a great addition to our 5k trail race, and it would have easy access from our picnic area, disc golf course, and pumpkin patch.

I eagerly scouted out the path the trail would take, only to discover that the task was too great. The pines were so thick it would take me hundreds of hours to cut the one-third of a mile the trail would cover.

It was then that I remembered our friends at S&P Land Services. These folks had done fantastic work for us in the past clearing land for our disc golf course, zip lines, and observation deck. Their specialized equipment removes trees and brush without disturbing the natural lay of the land, leaving behind no debris other than a soft bed of wood chips. We contacted them, and they agreed to take on the project.

When they arrived, I showed them where we wanted the trail to go, and left them to the job. I expected that, with their fancy equipment, they could have the entire project completed in just two days.

I went to a meeting later that morning, and by the time I arrived back to camp, they had the entire trail finished! I was amazed. I went to take a look and, sure enough, we had a beautiful new trail just the way I had envisioned it, ready for immediate use by our guest groups and summer campers.

When camp founder O.A. Fish showed me the bill, I took a deep breath before reading it. I knew their work was worth every penny they charged, but I also knew that their equipment was very expensive.

Imagine my surprise to see that they were writing off the entire job, thousands of dollars, as a donation! The blessing was almost too incredible to comprehend.

When God gives us a vision that doesn’t line up with the reality of the situation, God has a way of changing reality. He shows us again and again that He is able to accomplish the impossible in unexpected ways through people just like you who partner with us in ministry here.

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