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Steve's Story

Executive Director Steve Collins reflects on life at Camp and how the ministry makes an impact through Summer Camp, Weekend Retreats, Outdoor Environmental Education, and Challenge Course programs.

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Just A Flat Tire?

It just so happened that he got a flat tire at the exact moment he was driving by South Mountain Christian Camp. Carlos was hauling his wood chipper behind his truck when the sickening sound of loose rubber slapping against the metal framework of the chipper alerted him that there was a problem.

He pulled into the camp driveway to survey the damage. It was a total blowout. He would need to leave the chipper while he took the wheel in for repair.

Carlos entered our office moments later to explain his situation and request permission to leave the chipper in our parking lot while the repairs were being made. We happily obliged.

Then, looking around for the first time, he asked, “What is this place?” And that question changed everything.

As we began to explain to Carlos who we are, and what we do, he grew more and more excited. A single father with three boys, he was thrilled to learn about our summer camp programs.

A few minutes later, we hopped into my truck and I gave him a tour. We talked as we drove around, and Carlos began to open up to me about the difficulties he faced trying to provide for his boys alone. He was working three jobs, and finding child care was difficult—especially during the summer.

When I told him about our scholarship program, he could hardly believe it. South Mountain Christian Camp sounded too good to be true. He was anxious to tell his boys, their friends, his neighbors, and his church all about the wonderful opportunities available to them at South Mountain Christian Camp.

I hope you realize as well as I do that this chipper didn’t “just so happen” to have a flat right in front of the Camp. This was a divine appointment that God allowed in order to bring an even greater blessing to Carlos’ family.

This is how God works every day--here at Camp and in your own life as well. Every time something unfortunate happens to us, God has already prepared a way to work it for good. So, the next time you have a flat tire, an injury, or a busted shoelace, keep your eyes open, because God might just be up to something amazing.

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