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Steve's Story

Executive Director Steve Collins reflects on life at Camp and how the ministry makes an impact through Summer Camp, Weekend Retreats, Outdoor Environmental Education, and Challenge Course programs.

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Coming Home

Summer has ended, but the ministry hasn’t stopped. Just as the seasons shift, so does the ministry of South Mountain Christian Camp. Thousands of people will be here over the next few months through our various Fall programs, and we look forward to seeing how God moves in these lives. We received a beautiful reminder of this last month in an email from a dear friend, Jennifer Floyd. She wrote:

I will never forget the day that Steve handed me a flyer as I finished the Hilltop 5k race in downtown Rutherfordton. The flyer was inviting everyone to come out for the first 5k trail run at the Camp. Never did I expect that this same young man would be baptizing me a few months later.

I drove over to the Camp to check out the trail I would be running in the 5k, and I had the privilege to meet O.A. Fish. I hopped on the golf cart and took a tour of the Camp. O.A. then gave me one of his books and invited me to his Monday night Bible study.

After reading the book, I started coming to the Bible study. I remember the night when O.A. said, “Get out of the nursery!” And I did. I came out of the nursery! I had a strong urge in my heart to rededicate my life to the Lord and get re-baptized (I was so young and didn’t remember much about the first time I was baptized).

Now I’m back at home. This is where I’m supposed to be. Lots of good things have happened. My daughter and granddaughter have moved back, and they both love and look forward to going to church with me. I’m back in my family church, Christ the King in Shelby NC, and I’m proud to say our little ones attended camp at SMCC this past summer!

I’m seeking my Father every day, learning and growing more. Thank you for all the prayers, teachings, and friendship.

Our annual South of the Mountain 5k Trail Run coming up on November 7th may look like just a fundraiser to help send needy kids to camp, but if you ask Jennifer, she may disagree. God used this event to connect with her right where she was. Then He drew her close to Himself through O.A.’s Bible study, and she was baptized right here in our pool. The impact has spread to her family, and now her church is bringing kids here for summer camp!

This whole story never could have happened if it weren't for people just like you who support the ministry of South Mountain Christian Camp on a year-round basis. You can make a donation here. Or, if you would like more information about South of the Mountain Trail Run, and how you can be involved, click here.

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