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Cabin Directors
The Cabin Director position is one of great importance. Cabin Directors work with the campers throughout the duration of the camp week. Their role is develop a relationship with each camper in the cabin while ministering to their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

Cabin Directors should have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, good character, confidence in their salvation, and willingness to share the Good News with others. Additionally, they should be at least 18 years of age, physically active, a team player, willing to learn, and should enjoy spending time with children. 

Ask the
  • How long does the field trip last?
    The SEEDS programs are designed to be full-day field trips. We generally get started around 9:00 am. We'll do 1 1/2 hours of activities, take a break for lunch, then do another 1 1/2 hours. We can make some adjustments to the program if necessary to make sure you can get back to school on time.
  • What is the cost for the field trip?
    We make every effort to keep the costs of our program as low as possible. We are currently offering SEEDS for just $8 per student. There is no charge for adults.
  • How should we plan for lunch?
    Our cafeteria is available as an eating area, but we will not be serving meals during your visit, so students will need to bring their own lunch. We also have an area outside the cafeteria with plenty of picnic tables if you'd like to eat outside.
  • How many students can we bring at one time?
    We are able to accept two or three classes (of the same grade level) on the same day (up to about 60 students). These students will be kept in two separate groups for most of the day.
  • Do we need to bring chaperons?
    Yes. Because we will occasionally be working in small groups, the program runs much more smoothly if you have 3 adults (including the teacher) accompany each class. You are welcome to bring more adults if you like, and there is no charge for adults.
  • Do you offer this program all year?
    Unfortunately, we are only able to offer this program during the Fall of each school year. In the future, we hope to be able to offer this program in the Spring also, but our current staff limitations make it impossible to do so at this time.
  • What do we do if we have bad weather?
    You have three options. You can cancel the field trip, reschedule for another date, or plan to come anyway. We have a wide variety of hands-on, educational activities which can been done indoors if necessary.
  • How do we make a reservation?
    You can make your reservation using the online form below. If you have trouble finding available dates, call the Camp office at 828-245-3322 for assistance. Space is limited!
Employment Application
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