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Since its inception, it has been the policy of South Mountain Christian Camp that no child be denied the opportunity to attend Camp due to financial reasons. By sponsoring a camper, you can provide a child age 7 to 15 with a week of camping, hiking, swimming, games, food (both physical and spiritual) and a cabin director eager to become God's ambassador. Use the DONATE button below to make a donation now, or scroll down for more details.

The cost for a week of camp at SMCC is $170. About 75 percent of our campers cannot afford to pay this cost. The Scholarship Fund allows us the opportunity to minister to these children thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

Why Sponsor a Child?

Since 1972 South Mountain Christian Camp has been working to meet the needs of our youth. We believe that to touch a generation is to change the direction of a nation and the world.

One of our most powerful ways of accomplishing this objective is through our summer camp program. During summer camp, we minister to 600 boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 15. Many people would like to help with this ministry, but they cannot take time away from work and families.

That is what the scholarship program is all about. This program gives you, and people like you, a chance to be a part of this great mission: making a difference...one child at a time.

Each gift, whether to sponsor one child, twenty children or a partial scholarship will make a difference.

All gifts are tax deductible but, more importantly, your gift will be used to spread the message of Jesus Christ.

Who Receives Scholarship Funds?

Each applicant is asked to complete a financial aid form and to send a letter explaining their financial need. We encourage parents and guardians to cover as much of the cost as possible; however it is our policy that no child be denied the opportunity to camp whether or not their parents can pay...

Because such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

How Can I provide a Scholarship?

If you would like to help with the scholarship program, you can use the DONATE button below or mail your donation to the Camp at PO Box 9, Bostic NC 28018. Be sure to attach a note explaining that you would like the check to be used for a camper scholarship.

If you would like to get others involved in helping with camper scholarships, you can call the office at 828-245-3322 and request a packet of scholarship brochures. These can be especially useful if you are involved with a Sunday School class or other small group that would like to work together to provide scholarships.

If you have any additional questions about the scholarship program, please contact the camp office. We'd be happy to help you in any way that we can.