Easy to learn for all ages.
Interactive and Educational.
Great exercise for the whole family.
Disc Golf at SMCC brings people together!

With rolling hills, wooded paths, and rippling streams feeding into our serene lake, the disc golf course at South Mountain Christian Camp offers a wide variety of challenges for players of all skill levels in one of the most beautiful settings around.

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Our course is masterfully designed to be played as either a full 18-hole experience or a quick 9-hole short course.

The 9-hole course features mostly open throws with beautiful views of the lake as you work your way up and down grassy slopes. Fairways range from 202 feet to 426 feet.

The 18-hole course adds to that experience wooded areas and creek crossings which put your skills to the test. Fairways range from 120 feet to 567 feet.

Our disc golf course is open to the public to play all day for just $2! Parking is located near the first tee. Restrooms are available in that same area.

Our Course Guides include scorecards, course maps, and rules for recreational play in a tri-fold brochure. They are are available on site and can also be downloaded to print here.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to our Course Sponsors and each of our Hole Sponsors.
Without their support, we would not be able to offer disc golf at South Mountain Christian Camp.

Course Sponsors

Hole Sponsors
Hole #1. Tom Hardin in Memory of Jennifer Hardin
Hole #2. Anthony & Delee Marciano in Memory of Bill Crotts
Hole #3. Covenant Advisory Group
Hole #4. OA & Charlotte Fish in Memory of Barbara Fish
Hole #5. AE Global Media
Hole #6. Sisk Grading
Hole #7. Lifestyle Wellness & Spa
Hole #7S. Frank Nanney
Hole #8. Cleveland Contractors
Hole #9. Lois Pozesky in Memory of Elli Will
Hole #10. Moose Vending
Hole #11. McArthur's Landscaping
Hole #12. MyTek Solutions, Inc.
Hole #13. Joan Glover
Hole #14. Tim Brackett
Hole #15. Tim Brackett
Hole #16. Tim Brackett
Hole #17. Amber Jones in memory of Judy Philbeck
Hole #18. Andrew Howard in Memory of Joshua B. Howard